Galeana, Morelos, Mexico is home to the little Christian congregation known as Iglesia Verbo (Verbo Church).
In times of need, the church also acts as a food bank for the neighborhood.
The building required minor structural repairs after the 2017 earthquake, and they have mostly been accomplished. However, the children’s ministry rooms have largely been neglected.

Four classrooms and two bathrooms make up the project. The rooms require new shelves, doors, tiny chairs, flooring, paint, and electrical work.
The restrooms need to be completely rebuilt. Along with new doors, fixtures, and tile floors, some plumbing, and electrical work is also included.

We’re a small church with few resources, so we’re turning to the internet for help.

Our target is to reach USD 5,000.
Any amount helps!

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash