Hola World

After several years of putting my own site in the backburner, I finally completed a new design.

Procrastination, impostor’s syndrome, a search for perfection were all in the way. It’s amazing how one can sabotage personal projects due to all those factors. One very easy way to overcome that is to write down your thoughts, ideas, projects. The next step is to tackle one item at a time.

Anxious people like me try to tackle many things at once and we often find ourselves leaving incomplete projects along the way. I have a lot of incomplete projects sitting around which leads to a sense of overall frustration so I decided to concentrate on one thing first, finish it and then move on to the next item on my list.

It sounds like a simple idea for most people but in my case, it has taken a lifetime to grasp and put into practice.

I have a lot of thoughts and projects in my mind that I would like to put out in the wild. This site will be the main vehicle for that. This site is also very personal in the sense that I’m not chasing some sort of internet clout. It’s really a personal log.

I hope you enjoy the content that I will be posting here.

The image in this post was taken in Acapulco, México during a recent trip there.

Beach sunset in Acapulco